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Event DateApptEvent Name
5/28/2021   Virtual Tuesdays with Tereza: Food as Medicine
6/1/2021   A Python Programming Foundation
6/1/2021   Leveraging LinkedIn for Your Personal Brand & Business
6/1/2021   Spanish for Business Professionals
6/3/2021   Chamber Coffee at Country Club Bank
6/5/2021   Y-ART SALE EVENT
6/5/2021   Motorcycle Touring – Planning Your Two-Wheeled Adventure
6/5/2021   Open Hangar Day
6/5/2021   Introduction to RVing
6/7/2021   Art Exploration class
6/8/2021   Art Exploration class
6/9/2021   Art Exploration class
6/9/2021   Ardiah Midwest Sales Office Ribbon Cutting
6/9/2021   K-State Olathe Veterinary Biomedical Science Masters webinar
6/9/2021   Events that Shaped Aviation
6/10/2021   Art Exploration class
6/10/2021   Chamber Coffee at Stone Pillar Winery Co-hosted by KMC Dermatology
6/10/2021   Leveraging LinkedIn for Your Personal Brand & Business
6/10/2021   University of Saint Mary Coding Camp Virtual Information Session
6/14/2021   Comicon Art Class
6/14/2021   Implementing Elastic Search (ELK) for monitoring, alerting, and SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)
6/15/2021   Comicon Art Class
6/15/2021   Virtual Tuesdays with Tereza: Power Up Your Brain
6/16/2021   Comicon Art Class
6/16/2021   Yogurtini Give Back Day for Safehome
6/17/2021   Chamber Coffee at Garmin Soccer
6/17/2021   Comicon Art Class
6/17/2021   NCRI Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting
6/17/2021   Alive After Five - Travis Marvin
6/17/2021   Safehome Shop for a Cause at Evereve at Oak Park Mall
6/17/2021   University of Saint Mary Overland Park Campus Virtual Information Session
6/21/2021   70s Art Class
6/22/2021   70s Art Class
6/22/2021   Skills for the Professional Assistant
6/22/2021   Genes, Food and Your Future
6/23/2021   70s Art Class
6/23/2021   Business Lunch Series #2 - Is Your Business Not "LIKED" Enough? Learn how to leverage social media to get noticed with locals and travelers
6/23/2021   K-State Olathe Graduate Program Information Session
6/24/2021   70s Art Class
6/24/2021   Chamber Coffee at ER of Olathe
6/24/2021   Ribbon Cutting for Olathe Glass and Home Decor
6/24/2021   Alive After Five - Landrush
6/28/2021   Puppet making class
6/29/2021   Puppet making class
6/29/2021   Preparing Your Organization for Successful Fundraising
6/29/2021   Virtual Tuesdays with Tereza: An Integrative Approach to Cardiovascular Prevention
6/29/2021   Personal Financial Planning: Insights into your client's money mindset
6/30/2021   Puppet making class