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Bring locally grown organic produce at wholesale price to KC Metro

We have an opportunity to bring locally grown, organic produce to the KC Metro at wholesale prices. But, we need to help this nonprofit show that there is a market by completing a quick survey (3 questions and a choice of items). They need several thousand by the time the potential backers arrive in 2 weeks. The survey link is https://www.growingforfreedom.org/survey More info can be found in my newsletter and on the website. 100% of the profits are going to local charities. A percentage will go to Free for Life International fighting human trafficking. The rest to the nonprofits or churches who have chosen to help. The organization will receive their own survey link so that they can receive a portion of the profits based on the purchases from those who completed their survey. There is no commitment, just letting the backers know there are people interested. Anyone who is a nonprofit or church can have their own survey. This would then become an ongoing fundraiser for them by receiving a portion of the profits from those orders. No additional work is needed from the nonprofit or church. They could receive a larger percentage if they choose to be a distribution site as well. For more information and a copy of the newsletter, go to www.moneytalkff.org

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Expires: 8/30/2017

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